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Product Brochure / Menu | Starting at INR 10,000

Your business revolves around basically what you’re offering, be it a product or a service. This one is important. Sure, you could just get a logo done, slap that into Microsoft Word and try your hands at creating something that may just do but does that effectively communicate your brand, product or service?

Branding is not just your logo. It’s the entire experience your customer gains whilst interacting with your company. Your communication and positioning need to be uniform throughout.

For restaurants it’s been a long-known industry secret, menu design can make or break a business. It’s not just about how pretty it us or how it visually presents the brand / product portfolio. Where you put what and how you present various high profit centres over those that aren’t making you as much is key to great menu design. I’ve had over a decade of experience with just restaurants and the wealth of knowledge you’re tapping into there is phenomenal.

For products and services, it’s a fair bit easier than menu design but the rules of the game are still the same. Here we need to prioritise the flow of information with which by the end of Page 2, your customer has a clear idea as to what the product / service is, and they’re convinced they need / want it.

Given how important this marketing tool is, I honestly cannot recommend you spend a few hours in front of Microsoft Word trying to hammer it out on your own steam.

Corporate Brochure | Starting at INR 10,000

This may not be for everyone, but it most definitely is for some. Not everyone starts something new flush with capital. It’s always reassuring for investors for stakeholders to have some skin in the game, but someone once said, it’s always best to start something with someone else’s money and that is considered one of those trademark secrets of the rich and successful.

So how do we get others to invest in our idea? When approaching potential investors there’s nothing quite like a Corporate Brochure. It’s a brief point driven summary of your company. Your vision, your mission, your product or service offerings, key stakeholders, current organisation chart and more.

You need not worry about printing out fat expensive books to get this done, often in this digital age, a PDF will do just fine.

Here a little experience from someone like me can go a long way.

For example, how do we visually present data in an effective manner? Large organisations have entire departments devoted to charting but again, we don’t need all that. Run lean, run smart and get it done for a whole lot less.

How would you like to position yourself to your investors? Recommendations from my industry experience in this area will help set you up by prioritising what investors look for and weed out unnecessary fluff that may in fact hurt your chances.



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