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Leaflets, Flyers or Pamphlets | Starting at INR 5000

If you’re starting small, local and looking for the most cost-effective marketing tool there is out there, you must look at pamphlets or flyers.

An A5 (that’s half an A4 sheet) can start at INR 0.70 / single side and go up INR 1.10 / double sided depending on the print quantity starting at a minimum of 5000 prints. (That’s the most cost-effective quantity to print pamphlets / flyers).

Depending on your local newspaper supplier, he may slip your pamphlets into a day’s newspaper delivery for about INR 500. Bam, you’ve just hit 5000 – 10,000 homes with your product / service.

Depending on how well a job I do with your pamphlet / flyer, a conversion rate as low as 5% is 250 – 500 calls.

Now tell me that wasn’t worth it.

Run a campaign twice a month with the same pamphlet / flyer design and target different areas / neighbourhoods and you’ve got yourself good market metrics with which you can plan your next market moves.

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