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Hoardings, Newspaper & Magazine Ads and Posters | Starting at INR 15,000

If you’re considering these, my guess is you’re pretty sure of yourself and your strategy, so I won’t get into the basics of how and why these can be and are important.

Instead I’ll just give you some background into where I’m coming from. I started of in advertising as a copywriter. I’ve worked accounts, creative and production. I know advertising enough to know that award winning ads don’t necessarily sell more products / services. Which is why I don’t chase them. Advertising is an expensive game to play but in terms of building a large brand, there’s nothing quite like it. My goal is simple really.

At the end of the day, whatever your goal is, be it brand building, sales or just staying relevant, that’s my goal too.

So, if you’re looking to develop a great ad that does what it says on the package, give me a call and let’s talk.

Digital Media Ads | Starting at INR 5000

Facebook. Love it or hate it, digital media ads aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Your Facebook page and Twitter handle keep you in touch with both your existing customers and helps you target new ones through the wonderful yet tricky world of social media marketing.

For an ad to be effective on social media it needs to be clever, quick to absorb, direct and with a strong call to action.

A strategy I’ve often recommended to keep things cost-effective is to acquire fans / followers by first getting your product or service out there through pamphlets / flyers. Then using a clever discount / promo tool, get your new customers onto your Facebook page. After that, Facebook marketing becomes a cinch. To keep your present customers engaged, target them directly through Facebook ads targeting specifically your followers. To acquire new customers, target customers that fall into similar demographics.

This targeted strategy is far more cost-effective when compared to the traditional spray and pray technique adopted by Facebook advertisers and it keeps your growth slow, steady and organic.

Something new learned every day. The metrics at your disposal once you’ve marketing via both pamphlets / flyers and digital media ads will enable you to keep your marketing budget spend in check, stay smart and most of all, consistent.

Alternative Advertising

For Radio Jingles / Ads, Television Commercials and Guerrilla Viral Advertising costs tend to vary depending on the scale of the project involved and fluctuating media costs so talk to me about what you’re looking at and let’s explore these together.


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