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Production – Photography, Packaging Design, Print and Delivery | Starting at 15% on Actuals / INR 2,500 Minimum

For a reasonable fee of 15% on actuals or INR 2,500 minimum – I will supervise the production / printing and delivery of your stationery, brochures, packaging and menus on a turnkey basis. Should there be a mistake made at the printers? I’ve got it covered. If it gets lost in the mail? I’ll send you a fresh batch. It’s expertise and insurance at a reasonable and affordable rate.

For 15% on projected photography production costs (that’s lower than industry standards too) I will develop the concept, mood boards, locate you a great photographer (if you don’t have one), cast the right models for the jobs, scout locations, source props, supervise the actual shoot, manage and account for the finances of the production and report back in a transparent manner. Nothing’s more powerful than powerful imagery when developing and marketing a brand and this is an area most clients tend to hesitate because costs and quotes range from a couple lakhs to half a crore depending on whom they ask for a quote. Stock images are never really yours and really only tell your customer that’s about all the effort you’re looking to put into their relationship with your brand. So speak to their hearts, connect with them on an emotional level with strong imagery and great storytelling. It will serve you well for many years to come.

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