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Stationery – Business Cards, Letterheads & Envelopes | Starting at INR 2,500

Business Cards? That’s so old school. Well hold on just a sec.

Did you know that a business card delivers the first impression of your brand even today? Networking and making connections is part and parcel of getting your business off the ground. It’s also important to remember that having conversations and making genuine connections face to face will help your business grow effectively as opposed to adopting a more spray and pray approach.

A business card needs at the very least your logo, name and contact information. However, with a little creativity it can become a very effective direct marketing tool that communicates what makes your business special, what you offer and generally how awesome you are. Not only does this serve your brand well by creating a lasting impression on your new connection but it also assures whomever you meet that you’re real, prepared, here to stay and most of all, professional.

Always carry as many cards as you can for you never know who you’re going to meet next, at a coffee shop, airport lounge, networking event, trade show or even at the gym.

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