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Website Design & Development | Starting at INR 10,000 + INR 2400 / Year

Utilising ‘Software as a Service’ providers such as and you can get your brand online beautifully, quickly and affordably.

What’s more, our basic is not that basic at all.

Included in our most basic of packages you will get the following:

  1. Your own custom domain name
  2. A search engine optimised website that gets listed across all major search engines out there (yes, even Bing)
  3. An easy to use CMS (Content Management System) that enables you to add content, posts, products and pages with ease
  4. A fully integrated social sharing system that automatically spreads the word every time you update your website across all your social media pages such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  5. 6 GB Storage Space (For as many product photos as you could possibly want)
  6. A choice from dozens of highly customisable, quality themes that will get the job done.

For an additional INR 1500 / User / Year we will set you up with G Suite, so you can enjoy the amazing benefits of Google’s Business E-mail, 30GB Cloud Storage via Google File Stream and more at your own website’s address rather than a more generic ‘’ address.

Beyond the above, I can integrate e-commerce solutions into your website without breaking it and develop more personalised custom websites should your heart desire and help manage both your content, digital marketing and social media presence.

Having your own website is critical if you want your business to be taken seriously. There’s only so much you can communicate via a Facebook page and only so many times. Your website is your online corporate / product brochure, it is your store front, it is where your customers learn what you are all about and what you’re getting up to. Take my word for it, most people you meet will be Googling you at some point in time and you’re going to want to leave them impressed.

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