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The Brand Guy at The Brand Syndicate.

What’s The Brand Syndicate? It started off as a brand strategy collective way back in 2008 and has evolved over time into whatever you want it to be.

Why The Brand Guy? Well, here are my Greatest Hits:

  • Experienced – Cumulatively 15 years playing for both teams, creative studio and client.
  • Economical – The one-man army. Think Batman, but with a mouse (if that’s all we’ve got).
  • Responsive – If it absolutely, positively must be there overnight, The Brand Guy is your guy.
  • Meticulous – It’s an OCD thing that totally works to your advantage.
  • Involved – Think of this as the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

I’m a part of Branders Without Borders (kiddin’) and have worked in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and India. The Brand Syndicate does not discriminate geographically except for maybe North Korea. Maybe.

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