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James Wearing-Smith CEO Orpheus Group

I would recommend Pat and The Brand Syndicate as a highly experienced, polished and very capable team that can handle the pressures and challenges of deadlines and budgets with professionalism to approach and manage all the aspects of their services for their clients.

A few years ago, in a country not so far away, Mr. Patros Kuruvilla, now affectionately referred to as “Pat” approached me in a state of need for his company The Brand Syndicate. I read his plea, a familiar story of a leading man and a company who had placed their faith in an unfamiliar production team, only to be left agitated and worried, ‘high and dry’ at the last minute, and after deadlines with corporate clients were ‘locked and loaded’ so to speak – why does this have to be a common occurrence?

I did a little research on the man and his company. They both checked out and hence, I decided that this man and his company could indeed use my help and assistance to pull -off the next-to-impossible-task of fulfilling his clients’ needs, on time and on a budget!

We rallied the troops, put our respective efforts to the collaborative challenge, added some elbow grease into the necessary crevices, and got the international team onto the ground in Thailand, not only in record time, but also into 5-star hotels, with the production having premium and choice locations for their photography and filming purposes.

The Brand Syndicate with Patros Kuruvilla leading the professional team have my vote of confidence and recommendation.

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